Boost your sales up to 266% by offering to passers-by LED advertising light panels which will instantly draw their attention!
Make a difference with your business and gain your customers’ trust by innovating with a catchy design!
The benefits of LED advertising
Case study
In order to see the impact of the LED advertising light panels, a French company made a case study. In just 70 minutes, the number of interested persons increased from 6 to 16 – meaning a 266% sales boost!
We guarantee the quality of our products because we want our customers to feel safe when they purchase them.

2 year warranty

For the first 2 years of operating the product, we ensure the replacement of the faulty products within 72 hours of finding the technical problem.

80.000 hours / 10 years

The LED advertising light panels made by VitrineMedia have an average life span of 80.000 hours.

Product Maintenance

After the 2 year warranty, we provide product service shortly after intimation.

Our customers’ LED advertising light panels
Rent or pay in installments
After filling in the form, one of our agents will take care of all the details of a successful collaboration!

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